You’re just a few clicks away from experiencing the thrills and spills of your very own personalised Fantasy Club Cricket league.

Featuring your club’s very own players, Fantasy Club Cricket is a breeze to set up and customise, and simple to manage – the hardest part is deciding who gets in your team!

Simply sign up, submit your club’s players and update your points once a week – we’ll take care of the rest.

Only £14.99 per season


Welcome to Fantasy Club Cricket

The Fantasy Club Cricket premise is simple:

You pick a team of players from your club and they’ll score you points based on how well they perform throughout the season. You compete with other players from your club who have entered teams and see who comes out on top come the end of the season.

When you sign up you’ll be asked for an email address and password. We’ll use this to create you a user login with admin rights. With this you can manage, update, edit and customise the whole site to make it your own. You can add/edit player names and values, manage the teams, upload your club’s logo, set links to your club’s social media accounts, change colour schemes and manually update points if required. Or you can leave it just the way it is!

Fantasy Club Cricket is available to any club of any standard anywhere in the world and has been designed to be as simple as possible. No technical expertise required.

Great Fundraiser

Bowling machine a little rusty? Nets in need of a refurb? Why not charge a small fee for teams to enter your league? 50 teams paying £10 means £500 in the club’s coffers.

Easy to Set Up

Add your club’s players and you’re good to go. Simply send out your league’s uniquely generated web address and anyone can sign up for an account and enter their team. It couldn’t be easier!

Simple to Manage

Our mission is to ensure you spend less time managing your league and more time managing your team. That's why we’ve made it super easy to customise, manage and update your league.


Just wanted to say what a fantastic site this is!! Our club has really embraced the site.

West Wittering CC have enjoyed using the site this year and it has done exactly what the aim is, to create a bit of banter and raise a little bit of money.

I'd like to thank you for providing the website which has created a nice addition to the club this year and will be used for years to come I'm sure.


Automatic Points Update

We’ve partnered with Play-Cricket meaning player points are updated automatically when teams submit their scorecards online. No more manual points updates. You'll also be able to import players from last seasons scorecards. The ultimate hassle-free Fantasy Club Cricket experience.

£8.99 per season

11 Players Per Team

Want the full 11 players per team instead of the standard 6? No problem, we've got you covered! Upgrading to 11 players per team means that managers will need to select 4 batters, 4 bowlers, 2 all rounders and a keeper within a budget of £55m. Suitable for larger clubs.

£5.99 per season

Team Entry Fee Collection

We can securely collect team entry fee money online on your behalf, saving you the hassle of chasing money from everyone throughout the year. Select this upgrade when you sign up and you'll be asked to set the entry fee amount. We'll then hold the money for you - just let us know when and we'll release it back to you, minus our 15% commision.

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Fantasy Cricket League Version

We've expanded the Fantasy Club Cricket system so it can be used for whole leagues as well as individual clubs. Play Cricket integration and online team entry fee collection are included as standard in this version. There is no sign up cost but we'll take 20% of the team entry fee money. Please contact us for more information:

20% fee

Purchase both upgrades (Automatic Points Update & 11 Players Per Team) and instead of paying £29.97 you'll pay just £24.99. Your discount will be applied automatically when you add the upgrades to your basket.

We've listened to your feedback from last season which means we've been busy building the new features that you asked for. For the 2017 season you'll be able to edit player data from any week, exclude any match from being imported and have the power to add or deduct points from any team!

Click below for the full list of new features.